Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School

Bag 2
Behchoko, NT

Phone: 392-6078/6079
Fax: 392-6080

John Gouthro, Principal – john_gouthro@edutlicho.net
Lisa Zoe, Vice- Principal – lisa_zoe@edutlicho.net
Leona Rabesca, Secretary – leona_rabesca@edutlicho.net

Staff Directory

Violet Erasmus-Zoe

Ria Zoe

Elizabeth Sanspariel

Lisa Migwi

John Q Mantla

Julia Mackenzie

Nora Lafferty

Helen Gon

Alice Rabesca

Melissa Nitsiza

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If you have any questions or concerns please email TCSA_@tlicho.net

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Tlicho Community Services Agency

Self Assessment

As part of our return to school safety plan, every […]

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Tlicho School Reopening Plans

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