The TCSA has many policies which echo our beliefs and display our guidelines for decisions we make at the board and school levels. To view our individual policies, please follow the links below.

Foundations and Commitments

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Official Language of the Agency

Model of Integrated Services.

Child and Family Programs & Services

Community Education Programs & Services

Health and Wellness Programs & Services

Tłı̨chǫ Learning Strategy

Governance and Operations

Common Names

Board Powers & Duties

Role of the Chairperson

Role of the Board Members

Resignations from the Board & Applications to Vacancies

Code of Ethics for Board Members

Board Member Conflict of Interest

Board Meetings including Special Meetings

Board Meeting Notices

Board Meeting Schedule

Preparation of the Agenda

Order of Business at Meetings

Policy on Quorum

Policy on Punctuality

Presiding Officer of Meetings

Rules of Order, Debate, Motions, Resolutions & Voting

Minutes of Meetings

Board Member Compensation & Expenses

Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Attendance at Meetings

Policy Development & Distribution

Communication with the Media

Board Member Professional Development

Roles & Relationships: TCSA & DEA’s/CSA’s

DEA/CSA Member Attendance at TCSA Board Meetings

Administration in the Absence of Policy

Evaluation of the CEO

Board, Chair, and Member Evaluation

Board Member Acknowledgement Statement

Timely Board Information Delivery

Values Statement

TCSA Policy Management

Integrated Services

Confidentiality and Information Sharing

Protocol for Internal Referrals

Holding a Case Conference

A Positive Work Environment & Staff Interactions with Abusive Community Members

Complaints about Programs & Services and Appeal of Decisions

Serving Traditional Tłı̨chǫ Foods & Wild Game In our Facilities

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